You totally lack the ability to be sympathetic. You could at least try to be. There are certain things that will always bother me and that I won’t accept, how can you devote yourself to me if you won’t even try to see things from my perspective?

I hate being lied to

I know none of us are perfect. But while I lay here in bed with him, awake while he sleeps, my mind has a habit of running through all the things he’s promised me. All the times he let me down, and sometimes continues to do so. I know better than anyone that doing the right thing can be hard. I struggle with the things I choose to say or do, but what keeps my head on straight is the love I have for him. It keeps me grounded. Now when I see him being sketchy, when I see him looking at and doing things that betray my trust, it breaks me. It absolutely breaks me to be lied to. I don’t care what anyone else does. I don’t care who’s fake and who’s not.
I care about his heart and the things it desires. But lately, I feel like its not just me anymore.